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Feb 08 2008

WordPress Gem

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One frustrating experience when blogging is when you’ve written so much and hit the save button – only to find out you’re not connected to the net anymore. Worst, if it occurs on the post phase – you could lose everything you’ve just typed. The work around is to save often – but sometimes, when the connection is slow it can be very frustrating.

I found this gem – an add-on to the Mozilla Firefox browser (it may just work also on a SeaMonkey Browser but definitely not on an IE). It’s called ScribeFire – it allows you to blog offline and save it as notes locally on your browser. When you’re ready to publish – hit a button and it sends it to your blog.

Since you are editing offline – saving it as a note is almost instantaneous.

The setup is very simple – search for it by name in the Firefox addon site, install it and you will see a small notepad icon at the lower-left panel. You setup the connection to your blog using a wizard. There are 2 example notes to get you started. It also pulls out your last 10 posts/pages if you want to edit them.

I’m still evaluating it – but so far it’s a good alternative to blogging online. It has the usual icons of a WYSWIG editor and also pulls out your category list. It is not a perfect WordPress editor replacement, for example – you can not use it to edit old posts unless it is in the last 10 post you made. As for my use, it also lacks the WPG2 and XSIF extensions which is not a problem because I could always edit it after using the WP editor.

Watch out too because the spell checker does not work. It seem to be a problem with non-U.S. Firefox. I’m using the British version as it is closer to an Australian setting.

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  1. ganyang ganyan din yung nangyari sa kin while nag popost ako ng isang entry.. ill be trying that addon.. salamat sa pag share 😀


  2. KidPinoy – ang bilis mong mag reciprocate :-) . Anyway, my WordPress is Gravatar enabled. If you make your own avatar in http://site.gravatar.com, you will see your avatar in comments you make on my site or any Gravatar enabled site.

    Thanks for the visit.


  3. batchmate! nangyari na rin sa akin ang trahedyang yun. kaya nagsusulat muna ako sa word bago ko iupload. sure kang nakasave ang ginawa mo. hehehe.


  4. Ganja – Salamat sa pagdalaw mo. Ang lalalim ng mga posts mo – nalulunod ako. Out-of-touch pa naman ako sa mga events sa Pinas :-)


  5. 😉

    so far, I haven’t experienced that… maybe you’d thinking of something and haven’t notice that your not Internet connected?..or for no other reason that it is suddenly out of your concern that your not connected? (it is a sign that we’re not getting any younger…joke!)… those add-ons are very useful but the thing is they have their limitations…

    that’s all…at least you’ve learned your lesson… 😉

    thank you… 😉


  6. hmmm i did experience a scenario when i was writing a post while chatting and surfing and then the moment i realized i need to click the publish button, i accidentally kicked the plug below my pc table and so the pc rebooted. good thing theres this functionality in wordpress that auto-saves your posts you havent published yet as drafts. its really a post-saver for me. and upon observing it the next times i write something, i realize it saves your post as a draft every certain number of minutes. pretty helpful.

    as for scribefire, i think its quite a good piece of helpful tool for writing posts. 😉


  7. Sakura – nagdilang angel ka – nalitu nga ako. I left a message in your site that was intended for kath. Looks like I haven’t learned my lesson yet – take 2 :-)

    Kath – you’re right, WordPress has an auto save. The feature I like best with ScribeFire is a quick save – dahil di mo kailangang hintayin na mag-reload :-) – Ok yung mga plugin tips mo, maghanap ka pa and hopefully we could exchange notes – mukhang self-hosted din yung site mo.


  8. hi there,
    hahahhaha 😉 looks like We haven’t learned in our mistake… that we intented to do it again…uhm, I’m not perfect either and we exactly commit that things probably…

    Bawal and pork…memory gap… joke! 😉

    Thanks for the comments…I had my replies then…


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