Super Key = Windows Logo key
Mouse Buttons = Button1 -Left
                Button2 - Scroll Button
                Button3 - Right
                Button4 - Scroll Up
                Button5 - Scroll Down

Note: A "standard" 2 (left, right click) + 1 (middle click/scroll) button mouse is actually a five button mouse from X11's perspective! The scroll wheel's up and down action counts as mouse buttons 4 and 5. This means that any mouse with one scroll wheel has two more buttons than you'd expect.

Lock the Screen : Ctrl-Alt-L
Show me the Mouse Pointer : Ctrl (must be set in Mouse Preference)

Toggle Full Screen - Ctrl-Alt-Return
Close Window - Alt F4
Main Menu - Alt F1
Run Dialog - Alt F2
Minimize Window - Alt F5
Maximize - Alt F10
Screenshot - Print
Screenshot of Window = Alt Print

Hide All Window - Ctrl Alt d

Window Menu - Alt space
Toggle Hide All windows - Ctl Alt d
Toggle Window Maximize - Super F10
Toggle Window Max Horix - Super h
Toggle Window Max Vert - Super v
Toggle Window Shaded - Ctl Alt s

Application Switcher
Next Window - Alt Tab
Prev Window - Shift Alt Tab
Next Window (All Workspaces) - Ctrl Alt Tab
Prev Window (All Workspaces) - Shit Ctrl Alt Tab
... To Switch in Ring, use Super instead of Alt ... much cooler

Windows Picker
Initiate Window Picker - Super Pause
Initiate Window Picker for Current App - Super F7
Initiate Window Picker for All Workspaces - F8
Initiate Current Head Scale Only - F9

Opacity - Alt Button4/5 Increase/Decrease

Unfold Cube - Ctrl-Alt-<Next> i.e. <Next> = Right Arrow/Left Arrow
   (Try also Shift-Ctrl-Alt <Next> : Keeps the current App in Place)
Toggle Fade - Super F6
Rotation - Ctrl Alt - Button1 (Mouse), or Simply Button2
Sticky Rotation - Ctrl Alt Button2 (i.e. Scroll Button)

Zoom In - Super Button4
Zoom Out - Super Button5
Toggle Negative Window - Super n
Toggle Negative Screen - Super m


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