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Open Air Cinema

Open Air Cinema

Open Air Cinema at Mrs. Macquarie’s Chair – Sydney. The Opera House and Harbour Bridge on the background.

In early December 2013, Ivor asked me if I wanted to experience watching a movie on an Open Air Cinema. It is held in Sydney in Mid January to Mid February each year. At that time I reluctantly said yes and chose a film. The photo in the brochure looks enticing and so I said why not.

At the time we attended it on 5-Feb-2014, I was pleasantly surprised with the experience. Ivor has already reserved 4 seats with our names on it. There was a bar to order wine, beer and some non-alcoholic drinks. A fully catered dinner with lots of choices and fast service. There were tables and chairs for a sit-down dinner.

The main attraction, however, is a giant movie screen against a backdrop of the skyline of the best city in the world – Sydney. The iconic Sydney Opera House, the Harbour Bridge and the Centerpoint Tower all within view.

As soon as it turned dark, the patrons were all seated to enjoy the movie. Half-way into the movie though, it started drizzling. Jeanne and I came prepared for a drizzle with our jackets having hoods and are water repellants. The drizzle became a light rain though and that’s when we thought of bailing out. Looking at my back though, everyone is in white uniform ponchos. That’s when we realised that the organisers were prepared for this weather and started distributing the ponchos. We got one ourselves, put it on and continued to watch the movie. Another great experience living in this wonderful city.

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  1. Wow!!!!
    Which movie was it?
    Must agree Sydney is truly amazing :))

  2. Can’t remember but it’s a Jennifer Aniston comedy. Glad you tested my comments section Namita. 🙂

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