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Easter Pinakbet

Inspired by the recent abundance of produce from the vege gardens of the Harana Families, we decided to celebrate Easter by cooking pinakbet using these produce. Attended by Tito Nomer, Tita Sony, Tito Honey, Tita Ting, Tito Rudy, Tita Agnes, Jeanne and myself. The event was held at the Romero’s residence.

The Colours of Easter

Two years in a row! The Sydney Royal Easter Show is a yearly event that dates back to 1823. It is an event we don’t always get a chance to see, and to witness this two-years in a row is quite a treat. Last year, we played host to a visiting guest from overseas. (See… Read More ›

The Flaxies

Our neighbour for the past 5 years is moving, not by choice – but just the reality of renting in today’s real estate climate. The Flaxie’s, as we eanderingly call them, had become close to us – as close as a good neighbour can be. Every single member of our family are not pleased to… Read More ›

Sydney Royal Easter Show

This is only our 3rd time to attend the Royal Easter Show. The first was in Moore Park, shortly after we settled in Sydney. Then again when the show was first moved to the Olympic Park. The annual Sydney Royal Easter Show, which runs for two-weeks over Easter, is currently the largest event in Australia… Read More ›