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Jessica Wins The Impossible

11 January 2014

And so my Black Widow Darts arrived, just days before my 51st birthday. I can’t wait to play it but our dartboard is in the garage, inaccessible whenever Jessica’s car is parked at home. This Friday, however, she was late in coming home. I gave Jeanne my old Black Widow and we had a game… Read More ›

Pleasant Discovery

Our Christmas celebration of 2013 lasted for 10 days, being in a cruise and all, there was nothing else to do but to enjoy the time together. We decided however to have a subdued New Year celebration. Where we would have gone to see the Sydney fireworks just like on previous years, we stayed home… Read More ›

Sydney Spring Cycle 2013

Everything was prepared the night before. Two bikes were disassembled and secured in the boot. Another 2 bikes on the rack. Tyres were pump at recommended pressures, helmets and gloves are all in the car. Last year, there was a hiccup on Celine’s brakes, that is why a few weeks ago I had the 3… Read More ›

Fancy Schmancy Dinner No. 7

Another fancy schmancy dinner prepared by Angie (Dihn), Jeanne and Celine. But as you will see on the pictures taken by Angie, everyone pitched in. A very successful night for which Chai has now decided to join. She is cooking on the next round scheduled just a day before my birthday next year. 2013-10-19 Fancy… Read More ›

Black Shiraz 2011

When you get this fine a gift from your daughter, simply because she was at the Hunter Valley and she knows that I enjoy my wine, one would think of that song in the Sound of Music. … somewhere in my youth or childhood – I must have done something good. I’m no wine connoisseur,… Read More ›

Father’s Day 2013

Lola Imay taught us that when you want something – ask for it. It make it easier for the giver because they are free of one more toil, to think of what to give. Days before father’s day – I sent an email to my daughters saying that I like the Empires DVD collection. This… Read More ›


About a week ago, I received a letter from Louise, the daughter-in-law of Mona. She told us of the news that Mona had an accident that resulted in some bone fractures. She was taken to the hospital and has been moved to a nursing home. She is always in our mind, the thought of visiting… Read More ›

Arturo Anada (2009)

It’s been over a year since Art passed away. I kept this post private because I have not written it all. It is written on an email sent by my sister Liberty announcing the passing of her beloved Art. The comments were also collected from the replies to her email and mine.

Tribute to Kuya Edd (1939-2009)

A video tribute created by Jeanne for our dear Kuya Edd (1939-2009)

Aussie Girls in L.A.

After almost a week of attending the Terminus – Harry Potter Conference in Chicago, Illinois between 7-11 August 2008, these girls are still unable to hang their robes and wands. They just have to get their photos taken at the hand prints outside the GRAUMAN’S Chinese Theatre, Los Angeles. Photo taken 13 August 2008 by… Read More ›