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15 April 2017

There is a good chance that this blog which I have started since 1996/7 would disappear in the cloud one day. Every so often I keep a backup in my local Linux server, if only to practice exporting and importing MySQL databases and reviewing the rudimentaries of WordPress. There are good reason for me to… Read More ›

Getting Back To It

There are so many things I wish to write on this blog. The truth is – I also have the time to write it but not the heart to do it. I need to write about what happened on the 12th of March 2014. The day a faithful event had changed my life and has… Read More ›

Black Widow Darts

If there is one item from my youth that I treasure, it would be my Black Widow Darts. I was in my third year of Engineering when our dentist, a personal friend of my aunt, introduced me to darts. On my free time, I would hangout in his clinic and between patients, we would play… Read More ›

Christmas Weekend

The second, third and fourth day of Christmas. Last Friday was a Christmas Dinner with our cycling friends and ex-Nielsen friends at an Indian restaurant in North Strathfield. It was organised by Jeannie and was well attended including Angie who kept Tom entertained with her origami. Come Saturday, we attended an Ex-TI (Texas Instruments) employees… Read More ›

Audio Books

Who has time to read? I drive to work, quite a distance too, where I spend at least two and half hours on a weekday behind the wheel. On weekends, I try not to use fossil fuel but often you can’t help using the car doing errands. With work taking most of the day or… Read More ›

Lady in Distress

On my lunch period, I’ve been going for a quick walk around the block once or twice. Today, I noticed a girl, quite attractive, who seem to be lost. I stopped and asked if she was alright. She looked very relieved that someone offered to help. She showed me a hand-drawn map on where she… Read More ›

Couch Potato

They said that on average, we spend 9 years of our life watching TV. I must be taking someone else’s 9 years as I feel I spend a lot of time watching TV. Recently, I even took a liking on epic movies like Cleopatra, Ten Commandments, Gandhi, MacArthur, Patton etc. These movies are so long,… Read More ›

Litany of Mistakes

This has not been a very good past few days for me in terms of using the gray matter. I’ve been making poor decisions left, right and centre. I’ve been waiting for July 1 so that I can buy a new pair of prescription glasses using my benefit from my health insurance. I got carried… Read More ›

ATV3 and PlexConnect

Finally, my ATV3 has got some use. PlexConnect is a way to access the Plex Media Server without having to jailbreak ATV3. It is brilliant. The basic idea is to trap one of the app that is in the Apple TV already – the install will suggest the Trailers. You run a script in your… Read More ›

Broken Side Mirror

This week has not been particularly pleasant for me. For years we’ve been able to tolerate the screaming high pitch noise generated by both of our showers. Most of the time it does not bother us because we all have to wake up early anyway and this morning ritual almost act like a wake up… Read More ›