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Tag: House Painting

The Wall

We are into week 5 of our house painting, a job where we devoted our spare time and weekends. So far we have consumed over 30 Litres of Spanish Cream Paint, 25 Litres of Ceiling Paint, 4 Litres of Red Box Paint and several partially used cans of 4 litre paints of varying colours. Patience… Read More ›

The Rumpus Room

I am not exactly sure why houses have a rumpus. In some homes, it is used as a game room, exercise room or a video room. For us, the rumpus is the place where old furnitures go. At some stage, there were so much pre-loved desks and tables in this room, we nicknamed it the… Read More ›

Living Room

After 3 weekends of painting, the house is beginning to feel like a brand new home. You could feel the anticipation in the family – everyone is putting in their time on this project. Celine has taken Saturday off her work and devoted the morning cleaning up and doing regular chores that were falling behind…. Read More ›

The Dining Room

This is our dining room. Like most Australian household, this is perhaps the least used room. If not for the repairs needed, this room is being repainted only to match the colour of the rest of the house. However, the curtains have been a heavy burden to the ceiling where the curtain rails are anchored…. Read More ›

One Room Down

On the 28th of February, Jeanne and I walked in the Bunnings Hardware Store and walked out with over 45 litres of paint and painting materials. We’re hunkering down for the next god knows how many weekends and tackle a job we’ve been procrastinating. After over 12 years since we built the house, we’re repainting…. Read More ›