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Aussie Girls in Wal Mart

Celine and Linda are currently attending a Harry Potter convention in Chicago – a goal they set last year. Celine saved every dollar she earned to pay for her trip. I’m very proud of her as she is enjoying every bit of her young life with good friends to share the time and excitement. They arrived in Illinois early. They stayed in Tito Emil’s and also at Tita Vangie’s home. I’m sure Celine will bring home gigabytes of photos but for now – here’s a shot shared by Tita Vangie as the girls visit an American icon – the Walmart store.


9 May 2008 – Early last week, Celine was asked to sing in a charity fund raising dinner for a person in the advance stage of cervical cancer. Celine was in a middle of a number of University assessments, so I was surprised that she agreed to do this gig. With less than a week to prepare and a song not in her current repertoire, she barely had time to prepare for this. (L-R Celine, Ryan, Jessica and Spiros)