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Lion King – The Musical

23 February 2014

For Mother’s Day last year, Jessica gave her mum four tickets for a February 2014 show of the the Disney’s Lion King playing at the Capitol Theatre. These tickets are great seats – center and just 3 rows away from the stage. We are so close to the stage, we can see the sweat off… Read More ›

Weekend at Bowral

A short drive (105 km from home) is the town of Bowral. We stayed at the very historic Berima Manor, once owned my a female doctor in 1925, a rarity in that age, and then donated it to the Red Cross in the 1940s ala Downton Abbey Season 2 style. Before heading to our hotel,… Read More ›

Open Air Cinema

In early December 2013, Ivor asked me if I wanted to experience watching a movie on an Open Air Cinema. It is held in Sydney in Mid January to Mid February each year. At that time I reluctantly said yes and chose a film. The photo in the brochure looks enticing and so I said… Read More ›

Christmas High Tea

On the first day of Christmas, Jeanne hosted a party for the families of the former Harana Concert Band and friends. Surprisingly, a number of the former band members – not just their parents came. Three geneartions of the Marquez and Rupac families came. Our house has played host to the Rupac babies and the… Read More ›

Atomic – The Musical

If we are not careful, we would be the first specie who would wipe ourselves out of existence. The invention of the atomic bomb ended the second world war – though it can be argued that it could have ended without it anyway. Germany has already surrendered and Japan was about to. But Washington had… Read More ›

Electric Run 2013 – Sydney

We’ve been very lucky with big events in Sydney so far. From the Colour Run in February to the recent Sydney-to-Gong, the weather has been perfect. Today, that luck ran out. It rained for most of the duration of the Electric Run – a 5 Km run around the Homebush Olympic Centre which started at… Read More ›

Melbourne Cup Day

We had a mini string of luck on this year’s Melbourne Cup. In the office, I was watching out for the social club to buy some sweeps but I missed the designated time when they were selling it. Nevertheless, I called the reception to see if there was some left and sure enough there was…. Read More ›

Sydney to Gong 2013

Three weeks in a row of participating in a major Sydney event. I decided to sign-up for the Sydney-to-Gong right after finishing the Seven Bridges Walk last week. I promised myself that if I was feeling good after the walk that I would go to this 90km cycling event. The riding bib arrived on the… Read More ›

Seven Bridges Walk 2013

The first Seven Bridges Walk I did was in 2007. Jeanne and I completed that one but towards the end, our passports were no longer stamped. The official walk had finished but we kept going. Signs and directions were being put down as we were completing our walk but we persevered. The next day, Jeanne… Read More ›

Sydney Spring Cycle 2013

Everything was prepared the night before. Two bikes were disassembled and secured in the boot. Another 2 bikes on the rack. Tyres were pump at recommended pressures, helmets and gloves are all in the car. Last year, there was a hiccup on Celine’s brakes, that is why a few weeks ago I had the 3… Read More ›