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Christmas Cruisin

On August 2013, we decided that we will spend Christmas 2013 on a ship. We have never been on a cruise before and Christmas time seems to be the ideal time to start. We had mixed experiences. Celine was not bothered by seasickness at all. Jeanne had one bad day. I had one bad morning… Read More ›

Christmas High Tea

On the first day of Christmas, Jeanne hosted a party for the families of the former Harana Concert Band and friends. Surprisingly, a number of the former band members – not just their parents came. Three geneartions of the Marquez and Rupac families came. Our house has played host to the Rupac babies and the… Read More ›

Elf Dancers

Dancing elves created and downloaded by Jeanne. Saved here for posterity.

Christmas Break (2008)

Christmas 2008 was spent at the Blue Mountains – staying at the Lakeside Bed and Breakfast in Wentworth Falls.

Happy Holidays (2008)

For a few years, way back when – we use to publish a “Pascual Family News”. It was our way of keeping in touch with the family as we were taken ashore in a remote region called AUSTRALIA, where the closest sibling is around 1000km away.