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26 August 2005

Chronology of our Home Buying Experience – 2 Sep 1996 Majalyn Rose Calpito-Talavera Pascual Family Tree Talavera Family Tree Austria Family Tree Philippine-Australian Marching Band – The Beginning Pie In The Sky Report 24 May 2003 Hunter Valley Pictures – Aug 2003 RTA Cycle Sydney 2004 – Jeanne’s Challenge

Pie In The Sky turned Vegetarian Lunch with Baby Vox

This post was written before I had any blogsite. It was emailed to my cycling friends in 2003. Lately, I remembered the email and recovered it from archives. It is a story of one of my favourite cycling adventure.

Tidbits from Jeanne

Sometime during the early half of this year, my high school friends, Menchie Maicle-Castro, Cynthia-Baron-Cunanan and myself, together with our husbands had a mini-reunion. This gave us a chance to catch up after 20 odd years! Whew! How fast time flies! There is a plan for a few other HS friends to come over to… Read More ›

The Family in 2001

Jeanne as I have alluded, is the secretary of the Harana Band. She also makes sure that the band has something to eat after rehearsals and works mainly in the kitchen on Sundays. Add to that her task of raising funds for the band. She also recently joined me going to the gym. She now… Read More ›

Harana Concert Band

So how did our year go? Well, I would say that the centre of this year’s activities was the formation of the HARANA Concert Band. After, the Sydney Olympics, a number of amateur musicians like me, who participated in the Millennium Band of Penrith Valley found ourselves not having a band to go back to…. Read More ›

Pascual Family News 2001

Hello from Sydney, Australia!. Hello everyone! This is an attempt to try and publish our yearly newsletter via website. This has come to mind when we realised that we have e-mail addresses but no snail mail addresses for some relatives & friends! So, anyway, please read on & browse through the next pages for our… Read More ›


He made his first visit to Sydney to celebrate the New Year 2001 with us. Celine and Jessica wanted to keep him. On August 2001, he celebrated his 1st birthday. It was a modest celebration (NOT). Over 200 people attended. These pictures were taken at his party in Melbourne. Why POTPOT? It’s a nickname that… Read More ›

Mark Visits Australia

Yes folks, having Mark here certainly gave us an excuse to rediscover our city. Jeanne organised a bus-load of people to visit Jindabyne in August, our Winter Wonderland. Of course, our aim is to let Mark experience some time in the snow, especially so because he visited Australia in winter. We also travelled to Melbourne… Read More ›

At Home

See the original publication. Showing off their collection of dolls and stuff toys. Jessica loves to collect. Note that a number of these toys are Penguins. When Jessica was born, one of Jeanne’s visitor in the hospital brought a Penguin Stuff Toy. Eventually, it became her favourite toy. She named it Pengui then all other… Read More ›

St. Francis of Assisi Choir

See the original publication. The St. Francis of Assisi Junior Choir during the 1997 Christmas by Candle Lights held at the school grounds. The choir is conducted by Ms. Sherine Prins. This choir, together with the senior choir both won the first prize in thier respective category in the 1997 Joan Sutherland Eistedfodd choir competition.