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Jerusalem Bay Track – Cowan to Brooklyn

This is a 13.5 km trek which is a part of the Great North Walk. A very informative track description is found at he WildWalks Website (search for Jerusalem Bay Track for the latest pdf notes). Angie, Ivor and myself planned this walk as a difficult trek for Ivor and myself to try. Angie has… Read More ›

Two Creek Track

This is the first bush walk led by Angie and myself for the Macquarie Explorer Club. Although, I would credit Angie for most of the leading. She picked up this beautiful track. All Ivor and I did was to keep her company. The day is perfect, the forecast was 18C but it felt warmer than… Read More ›

Two Creek Track Recci

Recci is short for reconnaissance (because we can’t spell it without spell check). As new members of the Macquarie Explorer Club, Angie and I volunteered to do a recci for a walk. Eventually, we also recruited Ivor to the task. This morning, we met up at the Lindfield Oval to scope out the Two Creek… Read More ›

Pindar Cave Bush Walk

I’m usually good in preparing for a walk the night before. However, the one thing you leave out is what gets you undone for the day. The night before this walk, I prepared my bags, water on the camelback bladder, lunch, morning tea, gps, glasses, that sort. Then I setup the GPS for Angie’s place… Read More ›

Wodi-Wodi Walk

This walk started and finished at the Stanwell Park Beach Reserve. This is how Charles, the walk leader described it: This is a 6.5 km circuit walk in the scenic amphitheatre of the Stanwell Creek Valley. We’ll start the walk at Stanwell Park Beach where there are parking and other facilities available. We’ll walk through… Read More ›

The Bush Walker

One advantage when Jeanne joins the walk is that I also get into the photos. This weekend we went to see the Fitzroy Falls at the Morton National Park. Information about the falls can be read at the Southern Highlands Website. The park is an hour and a half away via the M7 motorway from… Read More ›

Berowra Heights Walk

After a general meeting of the Macquarie Explorer Club, a few of us went for the optional walk for the day. The others went to the Berowra Waters Lookout. Here are a few of the photos I took. Garmin Map of the Walk

Manly Dam Circuit Hike

This is my second bush walk activity with the Macquarie Explorer Club. Although I have not met the other members before, there is that instant recognition and warm welcome when we met early this morning at the Tennis Court off the road where Roosevelt Avenue becomes Churchill Crescent in Allambie Heights. We waited a bit… Read More ›

Botany Bay National Park

I’m hoping this would be the first of many bush walks that I would participate in. The Macquarie Explorer Group is bunch of friendly bush walkers who were happy to take me in as a new member. Another lady (Angie) joined the group the same day as I did and we were both warmly welcomed…. Read More ›