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Sydney to Gong 2013

Three weeks in a row of participating in a major Sydney event. I decided to sign-up for the Sydney-to-Gong right after finishing the Seven Bridges Walk last week. I promised myself that if I was feeling good after the walk that I would go to this 90km cycling event. The riding bib arrived on the… Read More ›

Sydney Spring Cycle 2013

Everything was prepared the night before. Two bikes were disassembled and secured in the boot. Another 2 bikes on the rack. Tyres were pump at recommended pressures, helmets and gloves are all in the car. Last year, there was a hiccup on Celine’s brakes, that is why a few weeks ago I had the 3… Read More ›

Ride 2 Work 2013

If the objective of the National Ride 2 Work Day is to somehow encourage me to ditch the car in favour of my two-wheel ride – I’m afraid my verdict is still – No. This is my third participation to the Ride 2 Work Day event, although my last one before today was when the… Read More ›

Homebush to Prospect via M4

This is our October 2013 cycling group route. A 50Km return trip from Homebush to Prospect via the M4 cycleway. From our recci about 2 weeks ago, we decided not to take the scenic route to shorten the trip. The cycle path into the Prospect Reservoir was also closed a week after our recci. Ivor and I thought of scoping the alternate route to the pub last Monday being a public holiday – but we both message each other in the morning that we were too lazy to do it.

Cronulla Ride

This is the a continuation of our attempt to cycle from Homebush to Brighton Le Sands which ended up being abandoned somewhere in Arncliffe. On this ride, however, we decided to meet at Adora in Earlwood to load up on coffee and chocolates. The previous night has been drizzling and Jeannie has already sent an… Read More ›

Homebush to Arncliffe

Homebush to Arncliffe, a photo by artipax on Flickr. This is a failed attempt to cycle to Brighton-Le-Sands and back with Tricia, Jeannie, Jeanne and Ivor. Having a second breakfast at Homebush, stopping for coffee and chocolate at Adora in Marrickville before we decided to abandon the ride and looked for a restaurant in Arncliffe…. Read More ›

Homebush-Parramatta Circuit

Great turn up for a ride considering it’s the first day of winter. Jeannie, Felix, Ivor, Drew and myself met up at the usual site at Bicentennial Park. It’s a beautiful day though heavy clouds were forming. The cycle ways around this area is improving every year and there are a few more construction activities… Read More ›

Not So Lilies Ride

It started as an idea to get the cycling group back into riding once again. That is to join a community organised ride called Ride to See the Lilies. Designed to ease in the others into riding once again. But Ivor though it might be too tamed for everyone, so he volunteered to map out… Read More ›