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Wedding Photos

Photos taken at the church for Ryan and Jiesel’s Wedding.

Panoramic Woolwich

On the 28th of March 2009, Jeanne an I attended the wedding lunch of Todd and Simone held at Duo’s Restaurant in Woolwich. Here is a panoramic view from where we parked. and another shot …. Todd and Simone’s Wedding Lunch

Graham and Clarina

When parents envision their children getting married, they are wishing for a wedding like Graham and Clarina’s. Both of them are in their late twenties, have stable and productive jobs, well travelled, with good education. They had a good six years of friendship before they tied the knot. They seem to have done everything by… Read More ›

Wedding Anniversary Greeting from Jeanne

A wedding anniversary greeting – very lovingly done.

Wedding Anniversary

We never really had a proper wedding album when we got married in 1986. We had other priorities back then. Now, it had become a favourite pass time for Jeanne to photoshop out wedding photos.

Mum and Dad’s Wedding Photo

Contains a full-size image of the wedding photo of Ruben and Lourdes Pascual circa 1956. It was digitally restored by Jeanne Pascual.