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Negative Scans

15 October 2017 • Feature Story

It was a time when taking photographs meant buying a film and taking 24 or 36 shots. You try to be careful with each shot and draw from your previous experiences. You would not see the results until after the roll is finished, developed and printed. One mistake on the camera setting and may mean… Read More ›

From The Past »

These series of blogs were written whilst Jeanne and I were touring South America with 18 other friends. Although all of these were written a day or two after the events – I haven’t been publishing them and had “on purpose” 😉 left posting it in my blog after we’ve returned home to Australia. This is not an attempt to document the travel itinerary but rather to capture the stories on how I remember this trip.

Celine's Corner »

On September 2007, Celine played Tuptim in a production by The Holroyd Musical and Dramatic Society. It caused a pleasant stir in the family circle, with some just realising how involved Celine is into performing arts. Celine continues her learning with a private tutor at the Joan Sutherland Performing Arts School and has taken workshops at NIDA. She is also a full-time student at the Sydney University, pursuing a degree in Speech Pathology.

Media »

After a crazy start to their holiday, Jessica and Celine is back from a week long R&R in Samui, Thailand.

Travel »

I often wonder what would happen to my blogs in the future. I use to have a Multiply site and a Yahoo 360 – these are now gone. We use to upload photos in Webshots, even become paid members – that too is gone. Blogspot and WordPress are still there after all these years and… Read More ›

Family »

And so my Black Widow Darts arrived, just days before my 51st birthday. I can’t wait to play it but our dartboard is in the garage, inaccessible whenever Jessica’s car is parked at home. This Friday, however, she was late in coming home. I gave Jeanne my old Black Widow and we had a game… Read More ›