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Rommel’s WordPress Theme

It is still largely a Mimbo Theme with an added dash of dKret and of course the default WordPress Theme. The concept is simple – It allows you to highlight a number of posts using 3 distinct divisions – the FEATURE STORY SECTION, the RIGHT FEATURE COLUMN and the LEFT FEATURE COLUMN. Then followed by a fourth division of 4 of the most RECENT POSTS.

Important Things to know about this theme:

  1. All highlighted images are stored in the theme’s image subdirectory.
  2. The image in the FEATURE STORY should have a 269×178 size (or close) and specified as Custom Field : MainImage (case sensitive). In the future, I plan to introduce a custom field to specify an alternate flash highlight in lieu of a static image.
  3. The image on the LEFT FEATURE COLUMN should have a 255×88 size (or close but keep it uniform for aesthetics). It is specified using the Custom Field: Image (case sensitive). If this image is not specified, an excerpt of the post is published instead.
  4. The image on the RIGHT FEATURE COLUMN should have a 51 x 51 size, otherwise the image/default_right.jpg image is used. Again this is specified by the Custom Field : Image.
  5. There’s a bit of tweaking involved in the theme’s index.php to specify which categories will be highlighted.
  6. By adding a Custom Field: Image in your FEATURE STORY, it may also appear on the left or right column if it fits the category. I’m yet to add the codes to control this so that it appears only when it is superseded as the prime feature.
  7. These theme would also allow you to add up to 4 equally spaced bottom bars.
  8. For single-author sites, I’ve also added a very small Login link at the Footer to facilitate getting to your Site Admin.

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UPDATE :20 March 2008 – I have made some major updates on header.php, index.php and the style.css to define clearer bounderies between divisions. It also now possible to get the sidebar on the LEFT by changing the float style of #main and #sidebar in the style.css.

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