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Yes, I Bought A Sword

As a Thank You to my daughters who spoilt their mum on Mother’s Day – I proposed then that we have breakfast in Windsor the following Sunday – which is today. My idea of this breakfast is like the one we once had when they were young – a backyard garden in a B&B or some local who converted their garden into a make shift restaurant serving organically grown food for breakfast.

Celine goes to Windsor more frequent than us, as part of her job. She said she knows just the place. However, about half-an-hour before we were to leave for this, she Googled the place and found that they are closed on Sundays. Not wanting to disappoint my ladies – I Googled another place that will serve good breakfast. Best bet is a hotel or a resort – thus I called on The Sebel Resort and Spa at the Hawkesbury Valley.

Defend yourself!

Defend yourself! - Photo uploaded by Celine in Facebook

This is going to be the highlight for the day, so I thought, when we all sat down and had a nice buffet breakfast in a place that is used for weddings. After breakfast, however, Celine suggested that we visit the Windsor market. Every Sunday the council closes off George Street and stalls are erected selling fresh produce, crafts, plants etc. I bought a book from a stall that is selling only 2 books – but that would be a subject of a different blog.

Blacktown Medieval Fair 2012
Blacktown Medieval Fair 2012 Blacktown Medieval Fair 2012 Blacktown Medieval Fair 2012 Blacktown Medieval Fair 2012

Free For All - Family Fight

We're taking arguments to a new level. Either agree or defend yourself in battle!!!

After a while, we had enough and drove back home. As we’re pulling on to our driveway – the radio announced that there is a Medieval Festival, in progress, at Nurragingy Park. That’s just about 5 km away from us. We look at each other and asked – do you want to go? everyone said yes, so we dropped off the stuff we bought and headed for the fair.

This is not our first time to attend this yearly event – we’ve seen previous years. But this time however – it is bigger. Channel 9, a major TV network, sponsored the jousting events. Blacktown City Council, the organiser of the event, seem to have a larger budget and made this year big. We noticed that there were more participants from various Medieval Society.

As always, we watched some jousting, sword fights, musket firing, juggling and had a wonderful time browsing some of the shops – until I came across one that sells swords.

Mum - You can't make me clean the rooms anymore!! You can't talk to Mum like that! Hiyaa!
Mum – You can't make me clean the rooms anymore!! You can't talk to Mum like that! Hiyaa!

I will not clean their rooms either!

I will not clean their rooms either!

I have always envied Adolf’s collection of Excalibur Swords. The blades are adorned with engravings. The handles and scabbards are elaborate. These blades on sale are nowhere near that but at a price I can afford on impulse. When we reached home, we unsheath the blade and poised for a sword fight. We also brought out the camera and later had lots of fun manipulating the photos. Before you know it – Celine uploaded photos in Facebook and their cousins in Canada already asking what for did I buy a sword 🙂

Yes, I did buy a sword but don’t be alarmed. These photos are products of Jeanne’s dexterity in photo manipulation – we are not really trying to off each other.

Marital Fight

Marital Fight - (this is not one of Jeanne's - Just a quick and dirty photo stitch work by me.)

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  1. I love family time 😛

  2. Hahaha you are such a funny family …. I doubt if either of the girls will even seriously consider to get out of your home …. yah, what is the sword for Pasky???? Keep it safe 🙂 Jing is sooo good in making new pictures out of pictures…. I would have believed you were really playing with swords!!!! 🙂

  3. Hey Rommel you are having very nice time in family, those swords are heavy or not seems like william wallace was your ancestor. jajajajajaa

  4. You guys are just too crazy 😛 I really believed you were having a real sword fight when I saw the photos.

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