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Tribute to Kuya Edd (1939-2009)

Dear Family,

Though I may not be physically with you during Kuya Edd’s wake and his funeral, in spirit and prayers I am with you.

Here’s a tribute to Kuya Edd inspired by Kuya Mel’s message.

Love you all,

[flashvideo filename=media/KuyaEdd-show0.flv height=270 width=480 image=media/KuyaEdd.jpg /]
Eduardo Sixto Mendoza Austria (1939-2009)

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  1. It’s very nice Jing. The video is so well matched with Kuya Mels’ message. We will all miss Kuya Edd so much . . .

  2. Elpie and I are thinking of you and your family for the loss of your brother. May you be comforted in the thought that he will continue to live with you for as long as you keep him in your hearts and minds – forever.

    May he rest in peace…

  3. Sayang we could have shown this during his wake. His grandchildren made a powerpoint presentation about him and showed it on the last day of his wake. I love the poem kuya Mel made and you’ve made it all more meaningful with this short video.

    You will be happy to know that the CIDlings have shared their cemetery slots so even ate Cris’s ashes were finally put in its final resting place together w/ kuya Edd’s.

  4. we just learn about your brother’s passing.. we will offer him our prayers.. our condolences to you

  5. Having realized that the poem is made by the family (your Kuya Mel) per Ditas comments above, I went back and saw this video again (for the nth time). It gets more meaningful each time. My heart goes for you and the Austria family. I think this is a wonderful present.. and thank you for sharing it to all of us.

    Btw, a while back in the airport, Lou is asking already when we’re going to Sydney again 😉

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