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HDX-1000 Network Media Tank

Its been over a month now that I have the HDX-1000. These are my thoughts about it:

First let me say about the things that I dislike and get that out of my system. As a Music and Photo viewer, it leaves a lot to be desired. Often, I would just want to play music and have some random pictures from my collection. It’s quite an effort to achieve this and more often it hangs if you try to randomise a good number of photos or music. In short if photos and music is your thing stop reading now as I could not provide any more insight. This means that our moded XBOX will not be retired yet as it does this function so well, even better than an iPod.

As a Video player, it is one of the best in its price range. Any better and you need an HTPC, with noise reducing technology and a degree in computer science.

If you simply want to use it as a Video Player, then add a hard disk, upload all your videos it would play just about any video format you can throw at it.

For advance users, it is quite an interesting toy:

  1. Install a hard disk and install the NMT server
  2. Install and configure YAMJ in one of your PC and select a good skin, I’m currently using PPP2, but you can choose from a number here.
  3. Install the Community Software Installer in one of your PC to simplify the installation of NMT applications
  4. Installed telnet and tested aMule. Telnet is a main stay. If I didn’t have a dedicated aMule client, the NMT version works quite well.

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