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Hunter Valley Weekend

Cypress Lakes - Pokolbin

My Driver

Celine gave us a piece of paper last Christmas. It entitled her mum and dad (us) to spend a weekend at the Cypress Lakes Resort in Pokolbin. Right at the heart of the vineyards and wineries of the Hunter Valley.

Our accommodation includes a round of golf – but since Jeanne and I don’t really play golf – we used the golf cart to explore this huge estate. After riding around for what seems like eternity – we still haven’t found a couple tee spots.

This weekend is also the first time Jeanne and I are in the valley without showing it to a tourist. So we had the time to discover more of what the valley can offer. We had tea at the Sabor, dinner at the Twine, breakfast at the picturesque Cypress Lake. We even got lost on the way to a restaurant called “Amanda on the Edge” – thanks to the much hyped Apple Maps that came on our recently upgraded IOS 6 on our iPhones and iPads.

We also visited a number of wineries – Jeanne left all the wine and beer tasting to me. We brought home dessert wine, lots of Pinot Noir and locally brewed beers.

It was a great weekend – thanks Celine – are we getting another travel voucher anytime again soon?

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  1. yup! I’m gonna send you away again some time soon!

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