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The Bush Walker

The Bush Walker

The Bush Walker

One advantage when Jeanne joins the walk is that I also get into the photos. This weekend we went to see the Fitzroy Falls at the Morton National Park. Information about the falls can be read at the Southern Highlands Website. The park is an hour and a half away via the M7 motorway from our home. Angie car pooled with us and we invited her for breakfast before heading south. It was a short walk to the lookout but we couldn’t get a good picture of the waterfalls. The sun is directly behind it, all the photos have massive flares in it (errr maybe this will do). The bush walk is very lush, there were lots of birds but very difficult to photograph them with too many bush walkers around. We were not the only group.

After this walk, we drove another 40 km into Kangaroo Valley. We had another short walk (around 4 km each way) to a spot overlooking the Tollowa Dam on the Shoalhaven River.

Jeanne and I are very glad to have joined this Bush Walking group. We’ve been living in Sydney for over 20 years and all we get to see often are the usual tourist destinations. These places we are visiting are good Sunday walks that may not be suited for tourists who will be in Sydney for just a few days and visiting just once. But for us who live here – these are wonderful destinations to see, and great opportunity to get to know new friends.

2013-05-26 Fitzroy Falls and Kangaroo Valley Walk

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