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Black Shiraz 2011

Black Shiraz Limited Edition

Black Shiraz Limited Edition. Bottle 191 of 1408

When you get this fine a gift from your daughter, simply because she was at the Hunter Valley and she knows that I enjoy my wine, one would think of that song in the Sound of Music.

… somewhere in my youth or childhood – I must have done something good.

I’m no wine connoisseur, what I know about wine is from drinking it and a bit more information I pick up from visiting the Hunter Valley. I once had the privilege to sample wine from a new French oak barrel and taken directly from the barrel. This and compared to the same batch matured on a four year old barrel. The experience had made me appreciate clearly the flavour from a new oak – perhaps the gold standard in wine maturation. (See my blog earlier this year called: Food and Wine Weekend at the Hunter)

This bottle is a mix from a new and one year old French Oak. Only 1408 bottles were made and Celine after what she said was a careful deliberation decided to buy bottle 191 for me. She considered that I love my wine and may never buy such fine bottle for myself. When your daughter think of you that way … it puts a lump on your throat and wonder how lucky I am that my daughters indulges their Dad. Thanks my dear Celine.

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  1. Wow, you’re really a lucky duck, I mean dad:).
    Well done, Celine!

  2. Oh yay! The wine got a blog! Knew you’d appreciate the wine Dad.

    Mum, I bought us some cider and a muscato to have when you get back from your adventure!

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