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Homebush to Prospect via M4

The starting team at Homebush Park

The starting team at Homebush Park – less Rommel of course who took the photo.

This is our October 2013 cycling group route. A 50Km return trip from Homebush to Prospect via the M4 cycleway. From our recci about 2 weeks ago, we decided not to take the scenic route to shorten the trip. The cycle path into the Prospect Reservoir was also closed a week after our recci. Ivor and I thought of scoping the alternate route to the pub last Monday being a public holiday – but we both message each other in the morning that we were too lazy to do it.

I’ve tweeted the link in Norsk to show the measurements in metric. Gee – I wish Garmin developers stop ignoring their other English speaking customers who do not live in USA. At the time of this writing – showing this ‘Adventure’ in English – means listing everything in miles or feet.

2013-10-12 Homebush to Prospect

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