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Watch Out Tara Lipinski

See the original publication. Well, not just yet. Celine has only taken the sport and is yet to burn a lot of training hours before she could do a triple axle – triple twist. But for a girl who receives only 15-minutes of coaching each week, she’s doing very well. Unfortunately, we need to win… Read More ›

On My Honour

See the original publication. Scouting has always been close to my heart. Now, as a family we are part of the movement. We are proud members of the First North Mount Druitt Scout Group. There are about 20 cub scouts in our group, led by our “Akela” – Lara Bravo. My scout name is “Iago”… Read More ›

PAMBATO Inc. – In Pictures

See the original publication. Introducing to you our esteemed band master – Jun Javier sporting the Limajong look. Don’t laugh – this will be our ethnic uniform. The native “barong tagalog” with the salakot. Around the table are just some of the men and women that runs the Philippine-Australian Marching Band And Talents Organisation. From… Read More ›

Travel Photos

See the original publication. Melbourne is more than 900km from Sydney. On every trip, we always take a break at least every 2 hours in the journey. The Ettamogah Pub is a favourite stop. Located near the border of Victoria and New South Wales, this spot features camel rides and a theme restaurant. On this… Read More ›

Ahmet Court – Perspectives

Photos taken from Ahmet Court.

Ahmet Court – The Framework

See the original publication. The frame of the house is made up of treated pine and kiln dried hardwood. All of these are farmed rather than cut from some Brazilian rainforest. As some span are longer than 3 meters, steel beams were used in lieu of hardwood. The external frames are 450 mm apart and… Read More ›

Ahmet Court – The Nursery

See the original publication. Did we mention that there is a huge nursery at our back? Well, we never said that it was ours 🙂 The odd shaped room at the back of Celine and Jessica will be our future rumpus room. That will be the next home of our computers. This is all for… Read More ›

Ahmet Court – Pictorial

See the original publication. A Quick View Here are the proud owners. I am partly facing the future position of the kitchen sink right outside the future side entry to the family room. The odd shaped corner will be the future formal dining room, and the back of it, where the slab goes a step… Read More ›

Ahmet Court – The Concrete Slab

See the original publication. Several frustrating weeks followed. The concrete slab was not poured until the 18th of May 1996 due to poor weather condition and red tapes in the Blacktown Council. During the first week of May, Sydney had the highest recorded rainfall. Then the Blacktown Council decided to throw the book on Beechwood… Read More ›

Ahmet Court, Oakhurst

See the original publication. The following images were taken sometime on the fourth week of March 1996. The land was cut and filled in preparation for the concrete slab to be placed. This new subdivision is in the border of Glendenning and Oakhurst, here in New South Wales – Australia. The area is in the… Read More ›