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Graham and Clarina

Clarina and Graham

Mr & Mrs Talbot

When parents envision their children getting married, they are wishing for a wedding like Graham and Clarina’s. Both of them are in their late twenties, have stable and productive jobs, well travelled, with good education. They had a good six years of friendship before they tied the knot. They seem to have done everything by the book. My impression of them is that of two independent and strong willed individuals, yet graceful in their manners, friendly and easily liked by people who are fortunate enough to see them up close.

Jessica, Jeanne, Clarina, Agnes and Celine

Clarina's Wedding Day - 2 January 2009

If the speeches for the night are to go by, a passionate salute of a step brother and a father swelling with pride for Graham – then one can be assured that our dear Clarina has found a deserving man.

Everyone are also singing praises to the speech given by Rudy (father-of-the-bride). It was simple, honest, often funny and entertaining – delivered in a manner that is neither hurried nor laboured – but enviously effective.

The wedding is neither elaborate nor ceremonious, yet you could tell that Graham and Clarina had made allowances for both culture to play a role in the wedding. It is a secular ceremony with a dash of religion from her deeply religious and Catholic upbringing. The Rupac Family has even showcased a “Tinikling” dance as one of the highlights for the night.

A good wedding is important, as I realised tonight – because years from now, as you attend other people’s wedding, you would always look back to your own. Graham and Clarina had a superb marvellous wedding day that they can cherish for the rest of their life.

Cheers!Congratulations and Best Wishes to Mr. and Mrs. Graham Talbot. As Graham’s Dad had said … May you never lie, cheat or drink … and if you must lie – lie with each other, if you must cheat – cheat death, and if you must drink, then please – drink with us.

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  1. totoo yang sinasabi mo. pangarap ko sa mga little kengkays ko yan 🙂

    happy new year!

  2. it’s rare to see beautiful relationships like that nowadays, same with a sensible and memorable wedding like theirs ^_^

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