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Two Creek Track

Morning Tea - Macquarie Explorers Club

Morning Tea – Macquarie Explorers Club

This is the first bush walk led by Angie and myself for the Macquarie Explorer Club. Although, I would credit Angie for most of the leading. She picked up this beautiful track. All Ivor and I did was to keep her company. The day is perfect, the forecast was 18C but it felt warmer than that. Owing from the recci we did on this track – the walk went smoothly.

Morning tea was at the part of the creek where there is a wide open space and lunch was at the picnic area at the Echo Point Park. On return, we gave them a choice of a shorter route through the streets of East Lindfield or to back track via the Garrigal National Park. The group decided to take the longer and more scenic route.

Running Dragon Lizard

Run Lola Run. Enlarge this photo and see a small dragon lizard jumps off John’s hand as he tried to capture the poor creature.

There were quite some wildlife we encountered. Various sizes of lizards, either sun bathing or just milling about. A flock of black cockatoos and even a bush chicken. Over all, the veterans of the Macquarie Explorer Club was very impressed with the results of the walk. Of course, we have to bribe them by making a coffee run during lunch for everyone.

Pleased with ourselves, Angie, Ivor and myself hang out ’til dinner at the Port Bar near the Parramatta Ferry Station. Then we went back for coffee at Angie’s place. And if that was not enough – I came home to a very excited Celine who just bought me a limited edition Black Shiraz – but that story is worth a blog on its own.

Statistical Details of this walk is found at the Garmin Connect website.

More photos are found in Flickr.

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