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Corcovado, Copacabana, Ipanema, Leblon

As expected, the site of the statue is an awesome vantage point to see Rio de Janiero. The sky is clear, weather not too warm. The crowd is of reasonable density for the time we were there. It is one off my bucket list of things to see.

Cataratas de Iguazu (Iguazu Falls)

The highlight of our Argentinian visit is the Iguazu Falls. Listed as a UNESCO World Heritage site – it is not to be missed. The Iguazu River that feeds the falls divides Argentina and Brazil.

The Tigres Island Tour

01-April-2012 – Buenos Aires, Argentina As it turned out, a number in our tour group also had difficulty sleeping. A disco right next to the hotel and a car alarm that kept going off was blamed but most would agree that we could have slept through that. The body clock is probably more to blame…. Read More ›

The South American Adventure Begins

After almost a year since it was planned, we finally embarked in a journey we’ve only learnt in the classroom of our Spanish classes in college. These are a series of blogs I’ve written on this special trip I was reluctant to go but very glad that Jeanne did not gave up on me. We travelled with a group of 20 to Buenos Aires and Iguazu – Argentina, Rio de Janiero – Brazil, Cusco and Puno – Peru, and finally La Paz – Bolivia.

Backyard Birds

Growing up in Baguio, Ruben and I have a flock of pigeons for pets. We’ve fashioned a wooden box used for ‘tuyo’ (smoked fish) as their nest/home. Our first pair was given to me by Dr. Sabater from his own flock. We raised the these birds since they were small, feeding them by hand and… Read More ›

Back From Thailand (2012)

After a crazy start to their holiday, Jessica and Celine is back from a week long R&R in Samui, Thailand.

Life, Wedding and a Wake

During my Concert Band days, we competed in Eistedfodd where we played a variety of music from melancholic, to cheerful and playful. Our conductor would remind us to dig into our hearts to find that emotion that would help us play the music. You also need to find it quick as there is less than… Read More ›

Seven Course Meal

We celebrated this year’s Valentine’s Day by cashing in a gift certificate we received from Ryan and Angie. It’s for a seven-course meal on a gourmet restaurant in Pymble. If you’ve seen L.A. Story, then you would know that each course is more plate than grub :-). Jeanne had the normal set whilst I had the deluxe version where 5 of the seven courses comes with a glass of matching wine.

The Boss is In Town

When Manang Ditz talks about a TV show that our family watches when she visited Sydney – about a mafioso sounding chef – she was taking about Buddy – The Cake Boss.

Australian Open 2012

For the past fortnight, our family came home and are glued to the TV set on what have become our yearly ritual, to watch the Australian Tennis Open.