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Christmas Break (2008)

[flashvideo filename=media/canoe-show0.flv height=135 width=240 image=media/canoe_240x135.jpg /] It’s always a bonus if you planned a short break and it panned out to be relaxing and enjoyable. Although Christmas eve is spent partying and consequently lead to a sleep-in, we still try to do a family activity to make Christmas day itself special. This year we booked a small but picturesque place in Wentworth Falls. It’s called the Lakeside Bed and Breakfast and is literally a few steps away from a lake.

We left Sydney at around 1pm after some tidying up. As usual – we packed our bags about half-an-hour before we actually left. Jessica packed the Wii, but later realised that she forgot to include some games. I also packed my Christmas gift – a box set of Fawlty Towers. Jeanne brought along a badminton set but only Celine packed a cozie (bathing suit).

We also made the mistake of expecting to find a restaurant in Wentworth Falls, after checking in – we were starving. On account of being a Christmas Day, all shops were closed but one small restaurant in nearby Katoomba. We waited for over an hour in this very busy establishment before realising that they’ve lost our order. We walked out, non-grudgingly of course, but without a meal. Instead, we contented ourselves with some pizza pieces and kebab from a take away shop down the road. This was our lunch and the left over, our Christmas dinner later that evening. But – really it was not a big deal, we were so looking forward to get back to the B&B to do some canoeing.

At first, Jeanne and I were apprehensive for the girls. They have not canoed before and are not very good swimmers. But, the day was too perfect and the water so inviting. Besides, the girls were keen to give it a go, so I helped them launch and they had a wonderful time. Jeanne and I played badminton but with one eye on our precious ones on the water.

The following day, Celine and Jeanne joined me for a hike around the lake, enjoying a bit of bush and the sight of nice houses. It gave me a bit of scare as Jeanne and Celine walk pass a snake just inches away from their feet. I was walking behind them and did not notice it until I was close enough myself. Luckily it didn’t bother us nor did we bother it.

We got back to the B&B just in time to be served a real country breakfast which we enjoyed at the veranda overlooking the lake. Later that day – we drove to the Blue Mountain Scenic World were we have more nature walk and rides. We even spotted a couple of mountain climbers while travelling on the skyway. See if you could spot it on this photo .

Being summer, there was still lots of sunlight when we returned to the B&B in the afternoon, where Celine and Jessica once again indulged in canoeing before dressing up for a majestic dinner at the Carrington Hotel. The dinner itself is in a stately 19th century dining room with a pianist on a grand piano to set the theme for the evening. If only – everyday is Christmas like this – but alas all good things come to an end and before long we’re back to the grinding stone for another year.

Bosley and Charlie's Angels Jessica and Celine Jessica in a sit-on Kayak Jeanne - in front of a Wentworth Falls Home
Celine in a K-1 Kayak Morning Walk Around the Lake Dad and Daughter Bastos :-)
Relaxing After Breakfast Blue Mountains Nature Walk Carrington Hotel - Katoomba Katoomba Falls

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