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Elf Dancers

[flashvideo filename=media/pascual_elf-show0.flv height=240 width=320 image=media/pascual_elf.jpg /]

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  1. That’s funny kahit at first I expected na ganon nga ang video clip pero funny pa rin pala talaga hehe… it was just an accident pala i happen to get a video of caitlin smith. kasi i was originally looking for a julia fordham video of that song, i could not find one but there were lots of videos from other artists. I chose Caitlin because I like her voice ^_^

  2. That was cool ! I had a great time watching over and over again…I didn’t know that you can dance that well Jeanne !

  3. This is sooooooooooooooooooooooo cute! Tawa ako ng tawa, my officemates are wondering why ;D

    Ang galing!!!

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