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Philippine Trip 2009 Highlights

Selected photos between 24-Nov to 24-Dec 2009 of our trip to the Philippines, excluding photos taken on our High School Reunion.

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  1. Cool PI photos, Rommel. Wish I could go back home to visit. I’d like to see our Mall of Asia and our other beautiful resorts.

    • We almost didn’t see it. We had a few hours to burn before our flight home – so we decided to hang around at MOA. To our surprise we bump into Ruben and Family who also came down from Baguio to spend Christmas Eve in Manila.

      MOA is huge, they even built a replica of Quiapo Church next to it. Being next to the sea makes the scenery very magical as well.

      • I know, we don’t even have that kind of Mall here. Now who says PI is a poor country when the Mall is always full ? Lucky you guys you get to come home every year. So, did you get your iPhone 4 too like Helen ?

        Regards to each and everyone 🙂

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