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Mac Book Pro Retina

Wow – about 2 years ago, I switched to using the Mac. I use a Mac Mini which you could consider the entry level in price but certainly not in performance. Today – I’m writing this blog using my new Apple Mac Book Pro 13.3 with Retina Display 256GB SSD and 8GB RAM. A gift from my loving wife who see me everyday envious of the Mac Book Pros used by Celine and Jessica.

Why dad why? – Why would you need another PC?, my kids asked. Rightly so. I have a Mac Mini, 2 x HP N40L Servers, 2 x Shuttle Small Form Desktop PC, my work Notebook (Fujitsu Lifebook S Series), a Kindle Fire flashed with an Android Jellybean O/S, a HP Pavillion DM1 Netbook with 200GB SSD, 2 x iPhone 4S, a number of mini-Linux/Unix machines like 3 Jailbroken Apple TV2, Apple TV3, XIOS DS1, Roku HD, 2 x PopCorn Hour (PCH) A-200, and an eGreat (a PCH A110 clone). This is just mine. Still, I borrow one of their iPad2’s when I’m bored playing with these gadgets.

Ok – I don’t need the Mac Book Pro – I just want it. Perhaps I will clear a bit of my conscience by giving my HP Netbook and one of my Shuttle XPC to my brother. All the rest – I can find use for them.

At first I thought I’d just pick up a mini-iPad. I wasn’t very happy with my Kindle as an eReader. Without the Retina display in the mini-iPad however, I felt it would just a be a short period before a newer model will be introduced with one. So I decided to hang-on for a while.

Then I thought of getting a Mac Book Air (MBA) 11″ instead. It is light with a full feature O/S unlike a tablet and ideal for travel, it can replace my HP Netbook. But I was discouraged by the lack of an SD Card Reader. The MBA 13″ version is a better choice for having the SD reader. Before I could buy however, Apple introduced the Mac Book Pro (MBP) Retina 15″ – it has all the features of a regular MBP but uses SSD and has done away with the CD drive like the MBA. It was a bit pricey and I feel that the 15″ size is too big for travel. Specially that I’m aiming to carry it on a trek.

Recently, Apple introduced the MBP 13″ Retina. This is perfect for me, not too small and hard on the eyes like the 11″ MBA and not too large to lug around like the 15″ MBP. A goldilocks size of 13″. It has SD, SSD drive, 2 x USB3 and lighter than the regular Mac Book Pro although still a bit heavier than a Mac Book Air. The 256GB model even have a faster processor compared to the 128GB model. It also comes with an 8GB RAM as standard. This will be the perfect travel and everyday notebook for me. I’m definitely retiring my HP Netbook.

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  1. You forgot to mention you got discouraged by getting Mac Book Air (MBA) 13″ too cuz Lou (your 12yr old nephew) had it as a present last Christmas.. hehe.. It was my gift to Lou’s Mum 😉 actually but he wouldn’t let go of it.. and that’s how he became the admin and owner. He swapped what he got, ie. a Samsung Galaxy Tab 2 10.1 as ‘pampalubag-loob’ 🙁

  2. I might have to trade with Lou for a lighter MBA 🙂

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