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This photo book was created from my South American Trip blogs

I often wonder what would happen to my blogs in the future. I use to have a Multiply site and a Yahoo 360 – these are now gone. We use to upload photos in Webshots, even become paid members – that too is gone. Blogspot and WordPress are still there after all these years and there is no sign that they will not be there in the near future. But who knows?

I consider myself more than the average blogger. I host my own blog and maintain the version of the WordPress. I’m able to restore my blog site to another host if I want to, either copying from the current site or from my regular backups. However, it still takes a bit of fiddling to restore before it goes up and running again.

In short, when I’m no longer around to maintain this blog, it wont take long before it becomes obsolete or worst inaccessible. My daughters promised to continue paying for my host subscription but that does not guarantee that it will persists for a long time.

Jeanne had a better idea – she’d turn it into a book. In fact, she converted my blogs on South America into a photo book and it looks great.

This is the link to the Photobook.

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