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Litany of Mistakes

This has not been a very good past few days for me in terms of using the gray matter. I’ve been making poor decisions left, right and centre.

I’ve been waiting for July 1 so that I can buy a new pair of prescription glasses using my benefit from my health insurance. I got carried away and ordered a super duper bifocal lens with everything on it – anti glare, anti scratch, fog resistant, x-ray vission, fridge magnet etc. After my health benefit, it still cost me an additional $500. Well, at least I’ll be wearing my signature titanium frame everyday and feel good about it —- wrong! The bifocal lens gives me headache with that constant focus and re-focusing. Sometimes the text goes slanted – like looking in a glass with water. Like most multi-purpose devices, it is not a good long vision lens and not very good reading lens either. I end up swapping it to my old reading glass most of the time. In fact it makes me appreciate my run-of-the mill, no frills reading glass.

Then I booked my plane tickets for a trip next year. I figured the Aussie dollar is being actively driven down – I might as well buy my tickets now before the price hike. And so I did – got my tickets at bargain low prices just before they applied the adjustments – yipee. Except that when they ask me what name to put on the ticket I gave them my full name – middle name et al. The agent even insisted that I check exactly what is written on my passport – and I, of course who is Mr Know It All said, I know what is written in my passport. And so the tickets were issued – no refund, no exchange, no changes or they will whack you.

A few days later, I was then asked to fill in more details for our trekking registration. I now have to consult my passport for more essoteric details – like passport numbers, date of issue/expiry, colour of my toes, etc – then lo an behold – no middle name in my passport. Not wanting to make a big deal out of it – told my agent casually to drop the middle name on my plane ticket. But instead I get a frantic response and a “You did what!”. Cut a long story short – dropping the middle name cost $150. Gruggingly I paid or they will slap me with a bigger fee if I take any longer to respond. What a crook those airlines are!!!

This morning – I was backing up to park in a tight spot watching my side mirrors but there is a hidden hazard just below my mirror line. Made its presence know with that unmistakable scrrratchhhing sound which lasted just a tiny fraction of a second and yet managed to put marks on both front and rear doors. Makes your heart sank because once again – as my mother would say – ‘trabahong kalabaw nanaman ang araw na ito’. All the day’s earning will go into that one tiny bit of mistake you did at the start of the day. Haaay buhay!!!

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