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Father’s Day 2013

Father's Day 2013 - My daughters then and now.

Father’s Day 2013 – My daughters then and now.

Lola Imay taught us that when you want something – ask for it. It make it easier for the giver because they are free of one more toil, to think of what to give.

Days before father’s day – I sent an email to my daughters saying that I like the Empires DVD collection. This is an SBS documentary from the Egyptian Pharaohs to the Japanese Empire.

A few days after I sent that email, Samsung Galaxy Tab 3 was released in 3 sizes : 7, 8 and 10.1. I wrote another email to the girls (that’s right – we all live in the same roof but use text and email to communicate). I said: if you love me buy me the 10.1, if you only like me so-so – the 8 would be alright. But if you hate me and want to teach me a lesson then just buy me the 7.

I’m really just fishing for the 7″ but in reality – it was a fat chance. Jessica told me that she’s already paying for the Father’s Day lunch. Celine also said – she already bought me my DVD set. Anyway – I left the tablet brochure lying around the house. At first – Jeanne and I would tease the girls that I should have it, but eventually – I dropped it as I realised it’s too much to ask.

Come Father’s Day – we went for a fancy lunch and I was handed my gift – the DVD Collection and a card that says “Dad of the Year – Best Dad in the world because he makes it easy for us to buy him presents”.

There was also another card like gift and when I opened it – it was a tablet screen protector for a 10.1 Galaxy Tab 3. Jessica and Celine said – now I don’t need to buy the protector sheet when I go and buy my tablet – and we all laughed. It was a great lunch – I had the Father’s Day steak and ribs and we had a great time.

Then we went back home – and as always I went straight to my MacBook but on top of it is another gift box – wrapped in the same paper as my other gifts – my jaw dropped. Without opening it, I knew it’s a 10.1. The girls proudly asked me what I think now – do they love me or what. I’m wearing my glasses and tried very hard for them not to see that my eyes were getting cloudy and teary. I didn’t know what to say. It was a very nice surprise.

Thank you girls – I hope that years from now – when this tablet has seen its days – that it will join the Navman you’ve given me, on the display cabinet. Thank you – thank you – thank you 🙂


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