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Electric Run 2013 – Sydney

Electric Run 2013 - Sydney Australia

Electric Run 2013 – Sydney Australia. Rain or Shine

We’ve been very lucky with big events in Sydney so far. From the Colour Run in February to the recent Sydney-to-Gong, the weather has been perfect. Today, that luck ran out. It rained for most of the duration of the Electric Run – a 5 Km run around the Homebush Olympic Centre which started at 8:30pm. Most participants were wearing the event black shirt, some brought their own fluorescent costumes but everyone had something blinking or lighted.

The rain did not deter nor dampen the spirit of participants. Perhaps if was the cold breeze that motivated everyone to dance to the beat and kept warm as we awaited for the start. If the organisers were to be believed, these were the accolades they have given this run:

  1. It is the first time that the Electric Run was held outside the United States
  2. They could not think of anywhere in the world they would rather have taken this run outside U.S for the first time other than in Sydney (of course they will say that… but wait)
  3. It is the largest Electric Run in terms of attendance to date (they might have qualified that after … adding ‘in Australia’) – so you might have to Google that,
  4. There were over 28,000 runners who registered and by the look of the crowd – it seems everyone turned up despite the rain.

Jeanne and her amigas made a day out of it. They booked rooms at the Novotel – right at the heart of the Electric Run activities. And spent the night there after the event. Celine also joined them but choose to run the course instead of soaking the atmosphere. Which was probably the better option than getting more wet from the rain. She even managed to finish the run. Jeanne and her amigas bailed out when they were right next to their hotel about 3.9 km into the course.

I took photos of the event and since I was not wearing anything blinking – I got mistaken as the event photographer. I was asked several times to take photos of what would be random people to me. People on these events also don’t mind being photograph when asked. After dark – it became difficult to take anymore good photos and with the rain – I kept my camera under wraps.

Download these photos from Flickr

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  1. Thanks, Pa. You took great photos! My amigas and I took the opportunity to make this day our Christmas celebration. The Electric Run was meant to be the highlight, that is, partying at the finish supposed to be 🙂 But, alas, we cannot enjoy the run any longer in our wet suits 🙂

  2. Hi Rommel,
    Just got around to having a quick look at your website – will look in more depth when I have time. I’ve already found something I didn’t know about – the “Electric Run”!

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