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Christmas Weekend

The second, third and fourth day of Christmas. Last Friday was a Christmas Dinner with our cycling friends and ex-Nielsen friends at an Indian restaurant in North Strathfield. It was organised by Jeannie and was well attended including Angie who kept Tom entertained with her origami.

Come Saturday, we attended an Ex-TI (Texas Instruments) employees Christmas lunch organised by Fe at the function hall of the new Stonecutters Golf Club. It was semi-organised which means unlike previous Ex-TI parties where attendees spend so much time to put up a show (i.e. like song and dances) – this one is more relaxed and free flowing. In fact at some point, the whole party was divided into 4 and were given 10 minutes to put up a show. My group won of course 🙂

On the Sunday, it was the Macquarie Explorer Club’s turn to celebrate Christmas at the Nielsen Park in Vaucluse.

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