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Bali and Kuala Lumpur (2013)

27 April 2013

After 5 days in Bali – Indonesia and 3 days in Kuala Lumpur – Malaysia, Celine and Jessica brought home with them photos and stories of their travel. It still amazes me seeing these 2 fine ladies grab hold of life and enjoy being sisters. This is their third trip together, with no one to rely on – but each other. On this trip Jessica celebrated her birthday in Bali, snorkelling, jet skiing and para-sailing.

Fiji (2010)

A selection of photos taken by Jessica, Karam, Vanessa and Naomi on their trip to Fiji.

Arturo Anada (2009)

It’s been over a year since Art passed away. I kept this post private because I have not written it all. It is written on an email sent by my sister Liberty announcing the passing of her beloved Art. The comments were also collected from the replies to her email and mine.

Goodbye Auntie Rosie

When I snapped this photo in Tricia’s wedding, little did I know that it would play a modest role on her final farewell. I almost even have not shared it to Tricia when she asked for photos for Aunt Rosie’s services. I thought, why would she want a solo picture, they must have a lot… Read More ›

Spring 2008

Canberra’s Floriade, Sydney Spring Cycle and the Seven Bridges Walk – all part of this years spring for Rommel and Jeanne.


Pinabili ako ni Jeanne ng kamatis kanina. The shop is only 2kms away and with all the talk about green house emissions, I feel guilty about driving for a few tomatoes. If I walk, it will take almost an hour but if I cycle I’m paranoid about leaving my bike tied up on a post… Read More ›

Solo Rider 292

2 March 2008 : It’s the 13th Annual Tour de Hills Classic. A ride that takes you through the streets of Dural and marvel at the facade of 17-room sprawling homes seated in acres of land. (I’m NOT exaggerating, some of these homes were massive and you’ll need an army of gardeners to maintain the… Read More ›

Western Explorer Ride

The Western Explorer Ride is a bike route that takes you from the Sydney Bicentennial Park, through to Granville, Merrylands and all the way to the Prospect Reservoir. It’s an easy 20-25Km ride on mostly dedicated cycle paths. Recommended for anyone wanting a ride beyond the park.

Pie In The Sky turned Vegetarian Lunch with Baby Vox

This post was written before I had any blogsite. It was emailed to my cycling friends in 2003. Lately, I remembered the email and recovered it from archives. It is a story of one of my favourite cycling adventure.