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The Dinner Club

Inspired by loads of cooking shows in the tube, and common interest with friends, a dinner club is becoming a regular event in our calendar. It informally started last year when we were rehearsing for Joy’s wedding. After practice, most would dash off but Ryan and Angie would stay a while for tea or dinner. Jeanne would often prepare something special. Ryan, as it turned out is a budding chef and Angie has a food blog.

After the wedding, we no longer have a reason to regularly meet, but clearly the after practice social meal is missed. Ryan suggested that he would cook for us. Jeanne suggested that a 3-course meal with one preparing a course each. In addition to our family and Ryan’s, we invited Tita Agnes and Tito Rudy. It was furtuitous that Joy didn’t have anything planned and decided to come along for the dinner. The night was very enjoyable ala Downtown Abbey where all the parents sat on the main dining area served by the children who also had dinner at a separate family dining area. Not exactly a Downstairs-Upstairs but one group clearly have the better China.

Jeanne added a bit of spice by printing a menu for each diner, crafted like that of fine dining. It was great fun, so much that the children suggested that they will host another dinner.

Against all threats and last minute cancellation, the next dinner went through yesterday. With Joy preparing the entree, Celine cooking the mains, Jessica and Angie providing the dessert. Jessica prepared a cheesecake and Angie macaroons. Joy also fashioned some place mats and table runners for the occassion. Photos to follow – I hope 🙂

Macaroons by Angie iPhoto by JessThe Cooks Cheesecake and Macaroons Beef by Celine
Apple Cheesecake by Jessica Apple Cheesecake by Jessica The Kitchen Aids Cheesecake Place Settings by Joy
Entree (Seafood Free) Chicken Entree by Joy

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