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Pascual Family News 2001

Hello from Sydney, Australia!.

Harana Concert Band
Mark Visits Australia
The Family in 2001
Tidbits from Jeanne
Lou Benedict

Hello everyone! This is an attempt to try and publish our yearly newsletter via website. This has come to mind when we realised that we have e-mail addresses but no snail mail addresses for some relatives & friends!

So, anyway, please read on & browse through the next pages for our newsletter – web version, okay? Have fun. Afterwards, if you don’t mind, we’d like like to hear from you as well, so please fill-up the form we’ve attached and send it to us!

Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year to everyone. It was a tough year that we just went through, I guess the whole of humanity could say that. Everyone is affected by the events of last September.

The Australian economy was already bad to begin with, we saw our currency collapse to an all time low even before these major world events. A number of huge corporations that we considered blue chips went under the hammer. We all felt insecure. As we see our friends lose their jobs, it even brought it closer to home.

Nevertheless, the only profound effect most family had suffered is reflected on the year-end bottom line of the Superannuation (retirement fund). We are counting our blessings and we forge on to the New Year with hope and confidence that it’s going to be a better one.

This newsletter is really intended to make up for all those times we have not e-mailed, wrote, sent SMS or called throughout the year. Of course we all assume that everyone is busy toiling along, but the truth is, we all miss you. Here we are in Sydney, surrounded by friends – lots of activities with the our community band, scouting movement and work – but the sight of Mark coming over for a 3-month visit was a treat we all enjoyed.

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