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Bryan Louis

[flashvideo filename=media/BryanPascualAndClassmates-show0.flv height=270 width=480 image=media/BryanLouis.jpg /]

Year 6 graduation party performance featuring Bryan Louis Pascual and classmates inspired by Jabbawockeez – 20 March 2009. Baguio City, Philippines.

This video of Bryan and his classmates was emailed to me by his Aunt Helen. This looks very cool Bryan – are there any more of these? You all look like you’ve put a lot of effort for this presentation – well done! Now, can you tell us which one is Bryan? 🙂

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  1. He’s the lead dancer in hat and the choreographer. Ain’t he cool?

  2. This dance looks really “Thriller-ish” as in Michael Jackson… its nice… good Job Brian Louis

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