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Audio Books

Who has time to read? I drive to work, quite a distance too, where I spend at least two and half hours on a weekday behind the wheel. On weekends, I try not to use fossil fuel but often you can’t help using the car doing errands. With work taking most of the day or domestic duties when we get home, what time is left to read. Unlike the TV or the radio, which can be left playing in the background, reading a book is a dedicated singular task if you intend to comprehend it.

My introduction to Audio Books is rather silly. I watched the TV Series “Call the Midwife” and had a one-way relationship with the lead actress Jessica Raine. There are only 6 episodes in Season 1 and I can’t get enough of Nurse Jenny Lee. Her can’t touch me beauty and most of all her almost husky gentle voice. I started trawling the net for anything that is Jessica Raine and saw her official website featuring voice samples. I downloaded those sample and play them on the car until they just become ridiculously repetitive. In searching the net further, I discovered that Amazon sells audio books through their subsidiary Audible. These are books that are read by a professional narrator or sometimes by the author him/herself. Some books are read unabridged or sometimes dramatised by several actors. Jessica featured as a secretary in a dramatised audio book called Raymond Chandler: The High Window. She has a small role but still – I listened throughout the whole program and enjoyed it.

Soon – I registered to become a member, which for $14 a month entitles me to 1 audio book per month and discounted prices if I want more. A book can be read in about 11-12 hours which equated to my driving time, is a book each week. It’s not long before I realised I’m buying more books per month and although they are discounted – it makes more sense to upgrade my membership to 2 audio books at $22 per month. Driving has become fun again – and now I don’t have to listen to shock jockeys, repeating news or pop music in the morning.

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