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Christmas Cruisin

Port Vila

Port Vila, Vanuatu – 24 Dec 2013. On the background is our cruise ship, the Pacific Pearl of P&O

On August 2013, we decided that we will spend Christmas 2013 on a ship. We have never been on a cruise before and Christmas time seems to be the ideal time to start.

We had mixed experiences. Celine was not bothered by seasickness at all. Jeanne had one bad day. I had one bad morning but Jessica seem to have caught the worst. At one point, she was contemplating on leaving the cruise at Port Vila in Vanuatu and catch a flight to Sydney. She did get better in the end, after a cocktail of remedies such as travel tablets, motion sickness wristbands and acupuncture.

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  1. hi, Rommel. 😀 looks like it ended up well. i have a blogger friend by the alias BertN who loves cruises with his wife.

    • We’ve met quite a number of cruisers in the ship. Those who have been cruising 5, 10 even 35 times already. Compared to land vacations, it can be very cost effective. Best of all, since there are no phones, internet and computers to distract you – you tend to socialise with the other passengers too. I must have met more new people in the ship in 10 days than in the whole of 2013 🙂

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