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Blogs that are related to evaluating WordPress, Gallery2, Drupal, PMWiki et. al.

Time for a New Mobile Phone

Celine was in a mobile phone shop and perhaps was being talked into updating her basic mobile phone into one of those jazzy touch screen phones with an arm length of features. She called me for my opinion on her choices, I told her that she should first research these models. Her phone carrier had… Read More ›


The 1st of July 2003 marks the beginning of the end for my Canon AE-1 Program SLR Camera. I bought this camera in Hong Kong in 1985 from my first real job with Unisys (then Burroughs). There was nothing wrong with it, like many, we decided to stop using films in favour of the digital… Read More ›


A good friend of mine asked my help to advice him on what PC to buy. He had the unfortunate experience of a triple hard disk failure this weekend. One disk is a new WD 500GB SATAII on a portable case, but the 2 are old IDEs which are probably just waiting to fail. But… Read More ›

Web Hosting Experience

Since I started subscribing to a web hosting service, I have moved my website 3 times. Perhaps I should commercialize the method of moving sites already. From a basic GeoCities Plus account, to GeoCities Pro, then MD Web Hosting, then Servage.Net and now Host Monster. GeoCities Plus – at US$4.95/mo I thought was good enough…. Read More ›

Rommel’s WordPress Theme

It is still largely a Mimbo Theme with an added dash of dKret and of course the default WordPress Theme. The concept is simple – It allows you to highlight a number of posts using 3 distinct divisions – the FEATURE STORY SECTION, the RIGHT FEATURE COLUMN and the LEFT FEATURE COLUMN. Then followed by… Read More ›

Piclens and Gallery Flash

I love the world of Word Press, it’s the perfect opportunity to explore CSS, XML, PHP, AJAX and all the web acronyms you can throw at it. The Mimbo Theme that I’ve been using is almost unrecognizable, I’m thinking of renaming it as my own already but I have problems yanking code of others and… Read More ›

The MIMBO Theme

This theme can turn your WordPress site from a blog to a magazine style content management system (CMS). It is not as easy to use as a regular theme, but configuring it is half the fun. 🙂

Restoring WP Database in an Offsite

A brief description on restoring a WordPress database SQL backup into a different site. It contains notes on the experience, problems encountered and gotchas. Overall – it’s a simple process but assumes some SQL admin knowledge.

Gravatar and MyAvatar Enabled

This site is now Gravatar (short for Global Avatar) and MyAvatar enabled. If you post comments in this site, a default icon will appear next to your name. To have your own unique icon (avatar), upload an avatar in https://site.gravatar.com using the email address you use when you post your comments.

WordPress Gem

One frustrating experience when blogging is when you’ve written so much and hit the save button – only to find out you’re not connected to the net anymore. Worst, if it occurs on the post phase – you could lose everything you’ve just typed.